Mission Statement

A LAN party brings a group of gamers together, usually with their own systems, to play video games on a shared local area network (LAN). With each player connected to the same network, gameplay is faster and more immediate than Internet connections that feature slight delays in response time. LAN play results in a more immersive experience, with the very serious bonus of being able to personally interact with friends and like-minded gamers.

KIA was formed in August 2004 to give youth a regular social event that included gaming.
KIA currently has 2 Administrators and 2 Administration Assistants.
KIA is held 1 time a month for $20 per person at the Kununurra Telecentre.
Attendees are provided with a computer, software to play games and lunch.
Youth learn valuable computer skills and technical computer skills.

All monies raised by KIA are used to pay for the hire of the venue, software, prizes, catering and new equipment.