People found touching any piece of equipment that does not belong to them may be removed from the venue by security. Nuking and other acts of network warfare may also result in forcible removal from the venue. The network may be continually monitored via a network spy.


The following applies to all participants and spectators attending or planning to attend KIA LAN.

No threats of physical violence (whether intentional or otherwise).
Behaviour considered by the organisers to be disruptive to other players.
Possession and or use of weapons, including but not limited to firearms, knives, batons,
torches or any object used in a threatening manner or interpreted to be in a threatening manner.
Using, stealing, damaging or reconfiguring another person’s equipment without their express permission.
You must own registered versions of all software.
Will not participate in, allow, or encourage the violation of copyright laws pertaining to software licensing,
including leeching, pirating, cracking, reverse engineering, or other activities surrounding the violation of copyright laws.
The organisers reserve the right to deny entry to any person. A first offence is the final offence.
All decisions by KIA LAN are final and no discussion will be entered into.
The organisers reserve the right to confiscate any materials considered dangerous or/and prohibited by the event rules.
No consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs is permitted at KIA LAN events.
KIA LAN take no responsibility for any person’s equipment, possessions, or actions.
No smoking is permitted within the KIA LAN venue.
You must sign in and pay at the front desk before entering the playing areas.
KIA LAN takes no responsibility for any materials that lost or stolen.
You must not enter the designated administrators area during the event unless expressly invited.
You may only connect a single network cable for your PC to the KIA LAN network. Any other networking
equipment or additional cables must be approved by the KIA LAN Adminstrators.
You must configure your network settings automaticly by the KIA LAN DHCP server or by settings
provided by a KIA LAN Administrator only.
Cheating is not permitted.

Any participant or spectator breaching these guidelines will be subject to at the minimum but not
limited to the following penaltys.

Immediate disconnection from the KIA LAN network.
Revoking of rights to any prizes, freebies or giveaways.
Forcibly removal from the venue by security and/or be handed over to the police.
Permanent ban from KIA LAN.
The organisers reserve the right to deny entry, or evict, by force if necessary, any person for any reason,
without stating or justifying the action, and without penalty to KIA, legally or financially.