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KIA is currently in the process of raising funds. So we have some software to go
Here is a short list of what is available:

10 Licenses for Windows XP (1 CD 10 licenses) $1000 the lot
2 Copies of Dawn of War for $100 for each
5 Copies of Age of Mythology for $45 each
5 Copies of Dungeon Siege for $ 30 each
4 Copies of MS Flight Sim 2002 for $40 each
5 Copies of Crimson Skies for $25 each
5 Copies of Motocross Madness 2 and Midtown Madness 2 (twin pack)for $40 each
Copies of Halflife/Counterstrike for $20 each
10 Copies of Age of Empires for $5 each
15 Copies of Operation Flashpoint for $15 each

All games are totally legal in everyway!
Comments are on so if you want any of these for the next LAN let us know

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