KIA – Membership

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KIA is planning to introduce a membership for anyone who wishes to
save a few buck over the year on entry to KIA.

For a annual fee of $60 you can get into every KIA LAN for a year for a measly $10
($15 normally). That is a saving of over $60 per year
(your parental units – wallets will be happy about that).

The Membership will commence in January 2005 (although you can join at anytime)
This is what you get:

1. Cheap entry ($10 per LAN)
2. Membership Card (So you get the discount)
3. 5% Discount on all computer good when purchased through KIA
4. Cheapest games around (PC, Xbox, PS2 etc) through KIA – Gamehead
5. Random prize giveaways

Speak to Slick X (John) or Wolverine (Grahame) if you are interested in joining up.
(Monies raised through this will be going towards new videocards and games for KIA)

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