In the USA

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We have finally made it to the US and i must say that it is a wonderus place of excess (2KG bags of M&M’s).
Looking forward to getting over the jet lag.

Yesterday we visited a shop named SAMs and i had to purchase a MX1000 mouse (under $60US). I am glad that i have also come to a house of wonderful people (yes and they love computers too). I was treated to a look at Worlds of Warcraft on a non Laggy server and i must say that it looks like a awesome game. If only Blizzard had not made it a MMORPG we could have all enjoyed it.

Going out to a Games and Computer shop today to see if i can spend some more greenback. HL2 is only $44 so i will have to pick up a copy while i am here (Bargain Bin here i come).

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  1. Lionfire Says:

    For those who aren’t paranoid about Steam 🙂 the silver package gives you a bunch of things you won’t get in the (albeit) cheaper boxed copy. Half-Life: Source isn’t available any other way at the moment.

    Either way, go and get Half-Life 2 now.

    Best. Game. Ever.