Next LAN

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What a awesome LAN on the 19th. I would have to say that was one of our best.
Next LAN is on the 5th of March
an i think i will have to pwn you all again 🙂

7 Responses to “Next LAN”

  1. Slick X Says:

    Did anyone else enjoy CS Source as much as me????

  2. Murph (grungeking) Says:

    YEH ME!!!! 😀

  3. Raiden/Spartan Says:

    HELL YEH ME!!! 🙂

  4. Reaper X & Blood cobra Says:

    Once again I am the only one who is going ot get pwned!!
    HEHEHE 😀

  5. Slick_X Says:

    Reaper —- Scout or Screener you decide
    Blood Cobra —— Mp5 madness

    I think i will have to make a map that only has Mp5’s just for you Cobra

    How is the Telecentre proposal coming along?
    are we still gonna Clan this Saturday?

  6. Reaper X and Blood cobra Says:

    I descide that Both of the above fit perfectly, but i dont screen that much, ur just a sore looser!!

    Oh and grahames and Noob and always will be, Auto Noob!!!

  7. Slick X Says:

    Once a screener………..always a screener