ATI “You Guys Rock”

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ATI have proudly donated some t shirts, finger flingers and temp tattoo’s for our next LAN.
I guess we will have to hold a competition now
I think a 3 on 3 CS deathmatch is on the cards so get your little group together and try win some prizes.
(Admins and assistants are not allowed to enter)


3 Responses to “ATI “You Guys Rock””

  1. Reaper X and Blood cobra Says:

    Yo last week was a great lan, As usual we got owned 😀
    We reckon as assistants to K.I.A that admin and assistant should be allowed to compete in the competition, And we think the only reason ur not allowing us to compete is cause use know we would get ownd …

    Reaper X and Blood cobra
    p.s Use got ne Cs:s posters left cause we would like few..

  2. Reaper X and Blood cobra Says:

    For the Admin t-shirts i reckon we should get our gaming names posted on the back of our t-shirts that way people will know who we are.. and that and we should get Cards that go around our necks with our real names and details…

  3. Slick X Says:

    There are so many gramical errors there that it doesnt deserve a response