Next LAN

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Next LAN will be held on the 16th April starting at 8.30am
We have a stack of prizes to give away including
ATI T Shirts
and a copy of Jedi Knight 2
Hopefully eveyone will be able to have a go of.

KIA will also be introducing a VIP room for honored guests and diplomats 🙂

Symark has donated a stack of stuff as well including mobo’s, cpu, cases and ram
all going into a new computer – expect to see 4 new pc’s coming soon to the LAN 🙂

remember the 16th April (any comp idea’s?)

6 Responses to “Next LAN”

  1. Reaper X Says:

    4 vs 4 a\(admin included) clan war/comp… prizes going to the best clan there… but if admin clan is allowed to compete the other clam/team will have to practise quite alot! but yeah thats my idea

  2. Reaper X Says:

    i also reckon that a 1vs1 Cs:source war for the starwars game…

  3. Spartan Says:

    dont let the admin clan play the 3 vs 3 team comp we had b4 Aaron (Reaper X) bayden (anomilly) and ALbert (Blood cobra) owned the winning team so fast.. the team didnt even get to buy there weapons before they were dead! 🙁

  4. Slick X Says:

    1 on 1 CS Source is a good idea but we need a small map

    5 on 5 for Cs would be more appropriate for the t shirts (no admin)

    U need to let people know then ok

  5. Reaper X Says:

    well, so a 5 on 5 comp for tshirts and a 1 on 1 comp for the game.. sounds cool.. this happening at the next lan?

  6. Slick X Says: