2 Day LAN

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KIA will be host a 2 Day Lanning Event on the 28th(Sat) and 29th(Sun) of May
The First 8 people to enter the event will receive a ATI Shirt and poster.

We will have 2 prizes to give away on the consecutive days

Jedi Knight 2 Game.
Quake 3 GOTY Edtion.
As well as posters and more….

Saturday will be from 8am -5pm
Sunday from 9am – 6pm

Entry is $45 for both days (this will include a lunch(Pizza lady is back))
or $25 (with lunch)for a single day. (Bring your own computer and it is only $30 for 2 days)

After this event pricing will return to $20 per event.

Reaper XSlick X

4 Responses to “2 Day LAN”

  1. Reaper X Says:

    thats pritty sweet thats a whole, 16 hrs of SACRED 🙂 yay!!

  2. Slick X Says:

    Admins will not have to pay as long as they help and not just sit on their butt the whole time.
    The main reason it is not overnight is it is difficult to get the message out to the
    people who come and play that the times will be different.

    The “Silver Bullet” will be on display at Symark shortly and is for sale ($1500)

  3. Reaper X Says:

    Well… Me and Blood cobra will tell ppl at school n when we see em around that its an overnite LAN… wen u make an overnight one, so wats the deal with the give away’s… are they for a competition or just… give away’s?

  4. Slick X Says:

    Give aways,
    JDK2 Acadamey for PC
    Quake 3 Gold for PC
    and we will probably have 1 or 2 Xbox games to give away 🙂

    Remember there will be t Shirts and Poster too!!!!!!