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Some people have been asking what has happened to running Comps at the LAN?
Well, the assistants (reaper X and Blood Cobra) will be coming up with ideas and advertising for the LAN comps.
WE need to know what you Lanners really want as prizes.
Currently we have a few ATI Shirts, some HL2 and CSS Posters and a couple of games.
But what do you want? (CS Comp, CSS comp, Starcraft Ladder, CS Deathmatch, 2vs2,3vs3,5vs5)?
we need to know.

With the Dry season coming around the corner the LAN may be moving very shortly to new premises
A couple of ideas are being put forward including having it in a dedicated room at Graz house
(although he would probably scare everyone away with all the yelling)
TAFE and the High School.
Currently KIA has 3 computers +the bullet + Grahames +Mine (6 total)
We would like to encourage people to bring their own computers to the LAN (Murph Dog)
as it would be heaps cheaper for everyone to bring their own.


6 Responses to “Comps”

  1. Reaper X Says:

    1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 CSS for something new… thats wat me and Cobra have descided
    Or a firearms deathmatch 2v2,1v1,3v3 etc.. and the original cs 5v5 comp would be good… so whatever u reckon wld be better…

  2. Slick X Says:

    You guys are organising it.
    Advertise it, Tell everyone, we have ATI Shirts, Q3A and JK2 to give away
    I will do up a Advewrt and you can post it around ok

  3. Spartan Says:

    I will try to start and bring my pc to LAN (providing my mums stops being a tightass). if we try and get into the school, y dont u try and install the games in the computer room. there is more than enough pcs in there. 42 on my last count.

  4. Lionfire Says:

    I’d bring my PC, but it’s a little far from down here in Perth (especially with no car) 🙂

  5. Slick X Says:

    Gee LionFire, what kind of weak excuse is that?

  6. Reaper X Says:

    I went on DNAlan website…i reckon the KIA Clan… shld try out for the WCG nxt year lol…. although we would probably get our arses handed to us! yeah and lionfire.. put ur pc on a plane and come up ere!