CS Source Comp (YAC)

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Thanks to the Youth Advisory Council (YAC)
We will be holding a 2 on 2 Councter Strike comp this weekend 🙂

First Prize will be $60, an ATI T Shirt and a poster
Second Prize will be $40 and an ATI Shirt
Third Prize will be an Ati Shirt and poster

Once again Admin are not eligible to play.

The map will be cs_deathmatch.
Doors open at 8.30am this weekend

EDIT: Due to a shipment of monitors arriving we will be changing the comp to CS Source (2vs2)
Dust_pcb will be the map
get in early to register for the comp (or you can register by leaving your comment, team name and who is on your team)


4 Responses to “CS Source Comp (YAC)”

  1. Reaper X Says:

    Why cant admin play? that sux, Anomilly and .Moss. are a team… There gonna win no doubt about it… admin shld be able to play! and yeah why wont u let us play?

  2. Slick X Says:

    Please stop crying for once in your life 🙁

    Come to the LAN, do your job, play for free.

    Stop being such a whinger

  3. Spartan Says:

    lol, well said slick 😀

  4. Spartan Says:

    Yeh, me (Raiden/Spartan) and Cuddles the Terminator are a team. we have decided to call it the termination squad!!! cyas all there when we own ur arses 😀 (except Anomily and .Moss. of course)