CSS (Kids win)

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The Winners of CSS comp were team Ughhhh!

this pair of 11 year olds kick all comers into a new dimension (even one of the older brothers shame Murphy)

Lil Murph and Lil Young were on fire on the weekend and scored themselves $60, Joel and Manu took out second place with spartan and Cuddles rounding out third.

Hope everyone had a great time and thanks to YAC for the prize donation 🙂

4 Responses to “CSS (Kids win)”

  1. Reaper X Says:

    haha murphy got put to shame by his youngder bro… now thats funny!

  2. Slick X Says:

    I cant believe you let them win a round 🙂
    that makes you a Lama

    L33t H4x0r

  3. Reaper X Says:

    yeah can u believe that? we where being nice… i mean otherwise we would have gone on winning non stop and thats pretty boring for us 2! o well… i cant wait till i get the bullet! its so boring without a good computer to play sweet games on! Battlefield after u left, me n albert on omaha beach… so fun! allied and trying to make our way up the beach was pretty hard! axis had so many snipers!

  4. Slick X Says:

    I cant wait for you to buy the bullet.
    Hurry up already

    I got BF2 demo today and will check out ASAP
    Also got the update for BF1942 1.6 and Desert Combat v0.7

    will try soon.

    We will also try to keep 4 computers playing source at every LAN