Next LAN

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Next LAN will be on the 25th starting at 8.30am
Will will have at least 4 computers for people to try CS Source on.

Slick X

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  1. Reaper X Says:

    Slick… we should have a overnight LAN, The school holidays start this friday so everyone will most probly be able to come to it… and me and albie will help out… we thought it would be a good idea.

  2. SLick X Says:

    An overnight LAN isnt going to happen.
    We dont have the time to do one.

    We may have a small (invite only) LAN at Grahames on a upcoming Friday night ($15 to cover costs inc Admin)

    If the LAN is going to continue to run we will need to increase the number of people coming(last week was too quite)
    You also need to sort out your folks to buy the bullet (cause otherwise we need to sell it to someone else).

    WE also need to get people to purchase their own HL2 account if they want to play source
    BF1942/Desert Combat may also be an option.

    Dungeon Seige will be removed from the Telecentre computers shortly

    Dont get me started on you and Albie’s help >:(

  3. .:Re@per:. Says:

    well sorry ffs… we do help out and its not our fault people arnt coming… they are starting to see LAN as boring…. yeah we shld take dungeon siege off it… there getting to addicted and there becoming FREAKS! ummm is that thingo this friday?

  4. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Sorry we dont help out… what u want us too do? tell us to do something and we’ll do it! my m8 from perth is bring up his BF: vietnam soo we might have to give that a try ey?
    he arrives tomorrow (Friday)

  5. Slick X Says:

    I want you to turn up when i ask so i dont have to pack up all the Fuc*in computers myself. Especially when someone is away.
    If people find it boring then maybe we should stop doing it? I know me and Grahame are happy to spend the time doing more constructive things rather than listening to whinging kids have a cry about how they want more from the LAN for less. When you guys are there you are pretty good. It is the turning up on time that Shi*ts me.

    I would be more than happy to hold the LAN at Graz and have everyone bring their own computer. I hate having to move computers around just so you guys can play. You guys are really taking advantage of KIA and the service it provides.

    Graz and i dont get paid for this, we do it cause we know there are people out there who love to game and cant get to a computer. Dont forget me and grahame can do what we do from his place and we dont have to move any computers or listen to whingers or put up with admin who get in for free and not turn up on time.

    Time to live in the real world guys. KIA is here but we need people who are reliable to help run it.

  6. Grahame/Wolverine Says:

    Boring hey? Great, let’s shut it down. I’m getting very little out of it. KIA is not making much money out of it. Kids do their own thing because they’re too scared to play with the big boys, and then have the audacity to complain that it’s boring!!

    I’m happy to run a much smaller, invite-only LAN at my place once a fortnight, but I’ll be charging people to attend, and I can’t guarantee it’ll be on an “every second Saturday” basis as it has to be negotiated with my wife, and I have a life (sort of).

    And sorry, Reaper, but you get so tied up in the game that you DON’T help. Every time someone walks in the front door you or Albert need to meet them. You and Albert need to be FIRST point of call for all problems. I’d even go so far as to say that you should be pro-active in going looking for problems before they become problems.

    Is this because John and I are mean and lazy? Perhaps a little, but it’s also us giving you two an opportunity to increase your skills, something you can list on your resume! And you get a reduction in entry fee to do it!

    And I don’t think John’s blaming you that people aren’t coming, unless you’re not telling people. If you’re telling people and they’re not coming, we won’t blame you for that. Well, I won’t.

  7. Slick X Says:

    Maybe we should hold it once every 6 months (then it wont be so boring)

  8. Reaper X Says:

    Yo grahame i reckon u should shut ur mouth wtf are u talking about… u do F**k all 2! and your stingy and so be it… close it down…. private LAN it will be…. wow this is gonna be fun! 😐

  9. Grahame/Wolverine Says:

    You really don’t get it, do you? John and I run the LAN. You don’t. We offered you the opportunity to get in cheaper for helping us. You’ve now admitted you don’t help!

    I can’t believe you’re calling me stingy when you’ve come to my place for free dozens of times, eaten my lollies, used my electricity, and KIA computers and what do you offer?