Next LAN

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17th of September – Saturday
9.00am – 4.00pm
Graz house
$5 per hour
CS Source

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  1. .:Re@per:. Says:

    cool are u going to be there this tmie john? am i allowed to come? who are u inviting?

  2. Slick X Says:

    Yes i will be there (need some compitition hey? :))
    I guess you can come same deal though you pay $5 per hour
    I dont know who Graz is inviting

    I got the dedicated server working today (called KIA CS Source Server) so anyone can play on it (as long as they have a steam login) and i can run it as a LAN dedicated server if we want (better FPS) and TK options 🙂 burn baby burn

  3. .:Re@per:. Says:

    lol wicked and yeah course i need some compition lol i mean my grandma can play better then baabaa and grahame… u need STRONGER anger managment!
    What other RTS games we got other then SC? i feel like a RTS game to play… havent played one in AGES!!

  4. Slick X Says:

    AOM but i havent really played that too much

    I will probably stick with CS Source

  5. .:Re@per:. Says:


  6. Slick X Says:

    I found a company who sells styer scouts in Australia
    so if i get my firearms license i wanna buy one 🙂

  7. .:Re@per:. Says:

    lol haha that would be quite funny… if u get ur lisence ur taking me shooting!
    Styer scout- approx $3000 and it has a 5 round clip
    haha we have the latest aus guns digest 2005 book in the library… i’ve read it haha
    haha right now i feel like scouting or awping.. my 2 most favourite things too do…

  8. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Styer Scout Rifle
    Caliber: 308 5 shot mag.
    Barrel: 19″, fluted
    Sights: Pop-up and rear, leupold M8 2.5×28 IER scope on pictinny optic rail with styer mounts
    Luggage case
    Scout sling
    Two stock spacers
    Two mags.
    Price: Around $1969.00 Au

  9. Slick X Says:

    but you get a secondary magazine with it and the scope 🙂

  10. .:Re@per:. Says:

    haha so when are u planning on getting it?
    Are u just getting the scout, or u getting other guns too? and ur taking me out shooting btw!! lol

  11. Slick X Says:

    Air Rifle


    and the Scout

    >>and ur taking me out shooting btw

  12. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Cool, so how much u looking at all up?
    Cya tomorrow at LAN… your coming right? I need some competition!! lol

  13. Slick X Says:

    Well i got the safe (needs some lock work though)
    need the license

    the airrifle i can get for around $100 and the .22 for $200
    the Scout will be about $2500

    Yeah i will be there tomorrow …. maybe a bit late

    but we have a stack of computers (dont know if we will need all eight)

  14. .:Re@per:. Says:

    so all and all your looking at about $3000… not bad for 3 guns i guess.
    Are they all Source compatable?
    Who’s coming?
    I reckon.. we all play BF1942 that’ll be fun im in the mood for sniping someone in the head on that its awsome being able to hide up on a hill and snipe people from a long distance away lol its wicked cause they cant shoot at u cause they more then likely cant see u!