Aussie Wimps

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So i live in the outback… it has its advantages….like being able to go shooting\hunting in the middle of nowhere…. cant do that in the city.

I have recently been researching how to get a air rifle in WA. I can tell you right now it is not easy. First of all you need to get a firearm license… can you believe that?(I remember my cousin shooting his brother in the ass with his air rifle and barely scraping his butt throught his jeans)

There is the 6-8 pages of personal information you have to fill out including the need to either be part of a gun club (luckily Kununurra has one) or have the permission of someone with a large block to destroy vermin (dont know what vermin you can kill with an air rifle). Then you need to fork out the $300 – $900 bucks for a gun safe (to some crazy specification).

Once you have the case you can apply for the license (of course if you fail you have a very expensive paper weight) at the local cop shop (luckily Kununurra has one of those too). If you are successful in getting a license and the cops have checked you safe , you can then source a supplier with the gun you want, once you have found a supplier you need to contact your local dealer (mmm dont have one of those in Kununurra) then fork over anywhere between $250 – $5000 depending on what gun you want. Then you have to apply to the cop shop again to get the gun into WA (unless you can find a supplier in WA). Once you have your license you must present it to purchase ammo as well (cause pellets are so dangerous).

Some of you remember i went to America at the beginning of the year, i walked into a WalMart (Kmart) and purchased a air rifle (proof of being 18+ was asked (even though i am starting to look my age now (26))) and i am proud to say i did not shoot one living thing while i had that air rifle. i made a few dents in a penny and nickle but that was it. Target practice kept me entertained for hours on end (dont get me started on the fireworks)

All for an air rifle?… No wonder our young males are in so much trouble now a days (where is their outlet?). Between being raised by women and having no male role models (AFL is still gay) they are either mommys boys(growing up hating women) or monsters(criminals, vandels, perverts, druggies and the like). It seem that guns in australia now have a stigma attached to them that makes you crazy if you have one or want to go shooting.

Should be very interesting if australia ever gets invaded (sure it is unlikely but Darwin was bombed once). we wont have any local milita like the US simply because people are afraid of their perception in the community for owning a gun.

Thank God for Counterstrike – an outlet for youth for the new century (and a license to play is eaiser and cheaper to get)

Ownage rocks

Slick X

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  1. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Haha yeah Australia is gay, i’d laugh my heart out if we did get attacked… i’d love to see the faces of the people who made these laws when there house is getting raided and blown up by terrorists or something… Yeah rock on counter-strike… by far one of the best games ever made in my books!

    Oh no australia is being invaded oh shit we wont be able to get our guns until a year and $3000-$10,000 later… by then guys it will be all over!