KIA Server

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KIA CS Source is now dedicated and you can join anytime you want from anywhere
(i am not promising lag free gaming though)
but we do have a chunky server and a relativly fast connection so jump on board or add it to your favs

(Note: Server may be slightly unstable so may go down once in a while)

2 Responses to “KIA Server”

  1. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Does anybody ever join… i think i can remember Wolvo telling me someone joined, cant remember!
    So we can join wherever we are whenever we want.. thats wicked, are use ever on?
    I so need to play source i miss it haha i cant wait till i get the bullet then i can play wenever i want!!

  2. Slick X Says:

    We have had a couple of ppl join while i have been on
    the idea is tha a couple of ppl jump on and then you tell your mate you are on then they join