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well we never though the day would come but Reaper has finally paid for the Bullet

What a glorious day for mankind. Wonder if he will ever bring it along to LANs or if he will just lock himself away for the next 20years becoming a CS Expert?

Guess i may need to build a new one soon

2 Responses to “BYE BYE BULLET”

  1. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Dude… lol of course its gonna be coming to LAN… and of course u can use it at lan if u want… seeing as how u love it so much… im taking it to my year 10 formal lol pitch black its gonna look sick!!

  2. .:Re@per:. Says:

    You should be happy… imagine if it went to baa baa… It would be riddled with gay porn… and he would totally fuck it up!!