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So i played SWAT 4 on the weekend and i must say this game is fun 🙂
Leading a team is ok but it is the build up and the music and 911 calls that get your mind in the mood for this game.

I am looking forward to getting Grahame and Reaper hooked on yet another FPS but i cant wat to see Reaper run off and try to be the lone ranger (CSS Style). I have tried the target range and you cant hit jack if you are moving.

There is a nice range of lethal and non lethal weapons (pepper ball gun, mace, taser, bean bag shotgun, less than lethal shotgun etc)

SWAT uses the havok engine and although it isnt the latest and greatest most will not know he difference.

SWAT coming up

3 Responses to “Fly SWAT”

  1. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Dudette john… Swat4 is good? lol… i was logged in as u for this but DONT WORRY i logged out…
    How’s it all going? We playing swat4 Tomorrow… o no wait tomorrow is the sacred Weekend :S YAY!! 😛 BATTLE MAGE HERE I COME!! mmmm 1400 dmg fireballs 😀

  2. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Who you going to be?
    I am know hooked on Warcraft 3 online lol its heaps Wicked!

  3. Slick X Says:

    Warcraft 3 is such an average game 🙁

    Swat was way better than i though when we multiplay