Mod Chips : Legal

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Taken fron Ausgamers.com.au

Great news today for console owners – the Australian High Court has ruled that mod chips are legal:

THE High Court of Australia has unanimously ruled today that mod-chips are legal, a decision which will have far reaching implications for computer game manufacturers.

The High Court appeal rested on two issues. The first issue was whether a mod-chip circumvents a technological protection measure and therefore breaches Section 116A of the Copyright Act.

The court quashed Sony’s argument that the mod-chip was a practical way to prevent copyright infringement.

Maybe now you can import those titles that aren’t actually for sale in Australia and play them legally!

One Response to “Mod Chips : Legal”

  1. Lionfire Says:

    Alas, if you read the rest of the cited article:

    While the decision is likely to please gaming enthusiasts… their victory is likely to be short-lived. The federal Government has agreed to amend Australia’s copyright laws to outlaw mod chips as part of its trade agreement with the US.

    I believe that means we have a little over a year (at most) of legal chipping before we end up just like the US. I wonder if that means that we’ll all have to “unchip” to make ourselves legal again.