WoW – the new drug of choice

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So i finally got WoW on the weekend up and running and after getting slain once or twice by lowly warhogs i think i have finally figured out how to play.
Of course this means that anyone on our network with a Licensed copy of WoW will be able to come along and play online during LAN’s

Cant wait to have a small party running around slaying stuff and learining new techniques.

I also tamed my first wild cat yesterday (o happy day)

Leon i am also looking at you to come and join in a few times 🙂


10 Responses to “WoW – the new drug of choice”

  1. Lionfire Says:

    And I’m looking at you to buy me a copy of WoW 🙂

  2. Slick X Says:

    but you have to come and actually play

  3. .:Re@per:. Says:

    lol so we all ok playing WoW i got my copy… albert also… this gonna be sick… Got that private server up n running or u playing on blizz?
    And is it anygood? (WoW)

  4. Slick X Says:

    No private server yet.
    I am playing on the WoW Project Server
    NighElf hunter
    It is a little buggy (like being able to tame a level 7 Owl when i am at level 2)
    but otherwise it is sweet.

  5. Slick X Says:

    Seems like the server i am currently playing on is going out of commission for 2 weeks.
    I guess i will have to work on getting one up for the LAN

    or you can check out some other servers here…




  6. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Ok wicked… so ur alliance… i might go a Human paladin… otherwise im a nightelf hunter also
    When can we play next? Will grahame let us come around his house this weekend for awhile to play?

  7. Slick X Says:

    The only problem is it takes some time to be able to join groups so it may help if we start off as the same race but with different abilities

  8. Slick X Says:

    Got it running for the LAN 🙂
    so bring your comps and play WQW

  9. .:Re@per:. Says:

    WQW? lmao u mean WoW, and no it wont we can just TRAVEL! lol
    and when could we all play? LAN?? thats another WEEK AWAY :O and u deleted my other reply lol

  10. .:Re@per:. Says:

    Im going Human paladin lol and albies going a human Warrior… so :S Grahame needs to get his copy… he descided on what he going to be? and leon… u got any ideas on who u wanna be?
    whats the hunter like? whats ur pet CAT like?