WoW: The New Internet Pron

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Ok, so played about 16 hours of WoW over the weekend between looking after my daughter and having friends around.

What can i say but this game is very fun. I am minimising the Drop outs (mainly world saves) and hope to have everyone have a go at LAN.
I hope that in the future Blizzard will see fit to release a Private Server addon (like HL2 and CSS) as paying $80 for a game and then $15 per month is a bit over the top for me.

mmmmm…… $15 per month times 1 million users equals……$15,000,000 per month…..Not bad cash.

Real life is just a diversion from WoW
WoW helped me beat my Pron addiction
Too much WoW is never enough
WoW = Electronic Crack

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