WoW LAN this weekend

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We are having a WoW LAN this weekend… so to get your fill of Orc Hunters and Night Elf Warriors come along and have some fun

$25 for the day or $5 per hour

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  1. .:Re@per:. Says:

    lol, Im starting a troll hunter and albies Going troll warrior, just so we can try and get there wicked raptor steeds and we also wanna come and attack ur settlement 🙂 we are going to run through stormwind haha the gaurds will come onto us… so yeh, use go human or something, and if u MAKE us go alliance im going Dwarven hunter or Night elf druid.. So seeya this weekend.

  2. Slick X Says:

    >>we also wanna come and attack ur settlement
    You would get your ass kicked 🙂

    We may go Orc…It is really up to the people at the LAN what race to go
    I find dwarfs and Gnomes easy cause they start at the same location and cover all special abilities
    (hunter, mage, rouge, warlock, warrior, palidin and preist)
    the only ones they dont cover are Druid and Shaman

    I found a stack of items the other day for the Paladin
    Volcanic armor 🙂
    A new Diabolic Helm
    New Sword
    and got a 2 rare mace (one handers) drop from one boss