Next LAN

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Next lan is on the 8th of April

Pizza will be there and hopefully some more people

4 Responses to “Next LAN”

  1. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    Umm Are You Sure That Lan Will Be On The 8th Of April Coz My Bro says It Is On The 6th

    Dont Reply If You Think I Am A Annoying Prick…….

    From You Know Who

  2. Slick X Says:

    the 6th of April is a Thursday

    it is on the 8th

  3. Linus Says:

    Sounds like a good LAN event. I’ll unfortunately still be in Perth for my yearly (and last) TAFE studies so i wont be attending. I’ve promised myself that i’ll start trying to make all these LANS, but unfortunately working at the mine on 2/2 means i’m missing most of them.

    GL HF and all that crap.

    Hopefully be at the following one,


  4. Slick X Says:

    We could do with another player for our SWAT 4 Team (if only Reaper would stop running off by himself)