Next LAN

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Due to camping commitments 🙂

the next LAN will be on the 13th of May

hope to see u all there

6 Responses to “Next LAN”

  1. oggy Says:

    Why wasn’t it on the 29th?

  2. Raid3n.Spart3n Says:

    due to camping commitments maybe…hence y he sed ‘due to camping commitments’? 😎 lol

  3. Slick X Says:

    Cause that wouldnt be the first weekend in the month!!!!

  4. Yanti Says:

    Can you find some newer/better warcraft maps or something so we can do something different?

  5. Slick X Says:

    Sure…will do

    Or you could dload a few of these before next LAN

    Try the RPG


  6. Yanti Says:

    Ok, then I will try and get some but im not sure if im going to be able to come to this L.A.N. Im still not sure so I guess we will find out on Saturday.