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Thanks to the Telecentre and KIA LAN we are happy to announce that the Telecentre will be getting new graphics card in the near future. Funding has been secured and we are looking at maybe 6600gt or 6800gt.

That puts the Telecentre specs atร‚ย  AMD 3000+, 512MB Ram,ร‚ย  6600GT or 6800gt, 15LCD -17CRT.

These are very respectable spec for gamin machines. KIA is now looking for funding resources for the purchase of CS Source. So look out YAC and SWEK cause we are coming for money ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have any suggestions of games that you wanna play at LAN (that may have some sort of lastability) please leave it in the comments

3 Responses to “Telecentre”

  1. [R]eapz Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOT! ๐Ÿ˜› Finaly… So what games other then css will we be able to play with the new graph cards?

  2. [R]eapz Says:

    Lets play WoW, cause your free server is good and if you can do that server up so that people dont get dropped then it will be awsome =)

    What other games are there out their?

  3. Slick X Says:

    pretty much any games