BF 1942

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Looks like BF 1942 is a huge hit!!!!!

Guess we will be getting a couple of copies for the Telecentre

Next LAN Aug 5th

4 Responses to “BF 1942”

  1. [R]eape[R] Says:

    Yes, LAN has got its thing back, its all anyone that went can talk about… lol.
    BF1942 was a really big hit, lets see how source does it 🙂

  2. Lil Murph Says:

    Battlefield 1942 sucks (says me) …… lets play Battlefield 2 if you have it and have real fun 🙂 ot source 🙂

    from The Owner Lil Murph (says me)

  3. Slick X Says:

    Lil Murph u sux….BF2 would look crap on these computers and is a bit too expensive for us….Buts Source is coming…. sweet sweet Sause

  4. [R]eapz Says:

    lmao. Woot. some css fun. Ready to get [P]wned Slick?

    and yes, i agree, Little murph, YOU SUCK!