Special Going Back to School LAN

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Feeling a bit twitchy after your last LAN???

Feel the need to scratch that trigger finger again????

well because we have all been such good girls and boys KIA will be holding a LAN this weekend 22nd July 2006
it is a back to school wind up so bring your friends as we will be having a BF1942 LANFest (maybe the modern combat mod will make an apperance)

See you all there

3 Responses to “Special Going Back to School LAN”

  1. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    Hey slick, although we had a LAN last weekend, will the next one b august 5th as planned before?
    Battlefield was sweet and we should try and start counter-strike up again, most of the dudes that have been here from the start wanna play it more nad yeh i wouldnt mind playin it some more although battlefield is goin great…
    Murph (Raiden.Spartan)

  2. Slick X Says:

    Yes 5th August is the next LAN 🙂
    I want to try and get modern combat fro BF1942 on as well
    and the Telecentre computers need a good cleanup

  3. [R]eape[R] Says:

    I Agree with spartann, We should get Cs back up and running. WITHOUT our hacks slick lol. and not just Deathmatch. Dust and Dust 2 aswell…

    Latham ([R]eape[R])