Gamers Quiz

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Think your l33t?

check out the quiz and post your scores

8 Responses to “Gamers Quiz”

  1. [R]eape[R] Says:

    72% whore. i bet i [P]wned you.

  2. Slick X Says:

    u suxor i got an 83%

  3. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    oh shit ay 87% bahahaha 🙂

  4. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    Hey SLick do u have n e idea when the next lan is on? this weekend? or first weekend next month?

  5. Slick X Says:

    first Sat of every month

  6. [R]eape[R] Says:

    Use two are such nerds i swear, oh well… atleast i can [P]wn you in most games, the both of use! 😛

  7. Slick X Says:

    Shame you dont know jack shit though 🙂
    and you dont pwn jack shit

  8. [R]eape[R] Says:

    lol i may not know jack shit about the games i play but i can play them!

    and yes slick, i can [P]wn you at some games, just admit it!

    Lan this weekend?????? it better be on!