R U A Comput3r H4ck3r????

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4 Responses to “R U A Comput3r H4ck3r????”

  1. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    gee…i MUST b a hacker then…fuck

  2. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    funny article slick….made my day 😛

  3. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    http://www.avantnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=313 have a look at that one

  4. Lil Murph Says:

    Thats not true because if it was he would be mentioned in the “highscores” …………. Look Up “Vindoza” in the highscores or compare prezp00nage with Vindoza and Vindoza will have better stats than him!!!!