Next LAN

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Had a really poor turnout for February LAN

if no one is really intrested in coming anymore please let me know

otherwise next LAN is the 3rd of March (if no one turns up it may be all over)

6 Responses to “Next LAN”

  1. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!! I’m definetely going 🙂 …. would we be playin css or is that on certain computers?

  2. Slick X Says:

    We can play CSS
    but i am hopeing some ppl will join in on LAST CHAOS

  3. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    I cant Seem to download it … so its a real bummer

  4. Reapz Says:

    Ay, should all play Last Chaos, slick says its pretty good, whats the harm in trying?

    I miss LAN allready lol… there isnt one here in darwin = (

    Hows everyone?
    Miss me? haha.


  5. Slick X Says:

    Lil Murph i will have a copy at next LAN you can borrow

    And reaper no one misses you LOL

  6. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    OK…… Sweet i’ll be there :)…… don’t forget to say happy birthday … or else……..