Great LAN

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Excellent attendence at the last LAN guys.

I even noted some ppl playing Last Chaos on Sunday

Hopefully the guild can get together some time and have a good old thrash out of the game

remember if you need moola come see me in game

3 Responses to “Great LAN”

  1. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    Hey slick there is a shop in Randol called “magical shopkeeper coen” and theysell this kinda good armour (dunno if its good) but yeah……

  2. ReapeR Says:

    Hello laddddz, Im playing Last chaos slick, whats your characters name?
    Heard use played SOF2 – How’d that go?

    Gosh i miss LAN lolz

  3. Slick X Says:

    Murph…..just remember you can wear armor 5 times higher than you and you need to bloodseal everything asap 🙂

    Reaper 🙂
    nice to see you on Last Chaos….hope it is rocking for you
    My Rogue is SirSlick1 🙂

    come find me ASAP we need an extra nerd in our guild 🙂

    Next LAN is the 7th of April 🙂 (hopefully reaper can be there in spirit)