Advertise Last Chaos (and get free aeria points)

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Last Chaos is a free RPGMMO. If you like Wow you should head over and see what you can do on this

and did i mention it is free

And if you already play you can get free Aeria points by going here

5 Responses to “Advertise Last Chaos (and get free aeria points)”

  1. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    Sorry to kill the BUZZ on “Last Chaos” but when is the next LAN on coz im moving so it might be on when im moving ……..!!!

    From Lil Murph (Help Me Dr. Phil)

  2. ReapeR Says:

    I got my net up and running, whens the next lan and give us a ring sometime and run me through how to connect to the KIA Css server.


  3. LastMarch Says:

    Last chaos is sweet bettet then my old games lol i cant stop playen 4 some reason somebody kill me

  4. Nicula Nicolae Says:

    This game is one of the coolest MMO RPG games ever!

  5. Getdown Says:

    man this game is cool and i cant stop playing 2 lol