End of LAN

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I am sorry to have to post this as i think we have had a really good run with LAN in Kununurra.

Due to family commitments and various other issues, i have decided to no longer continue KIA LAN
I know you guys out there might be a bit dissapointed that the LAN has finished up but after all the background work that no one else wanted to do i find that there is insufficent time to enjoy my lesuire time (what little i have).

Grahame and i will still be around and online fairly often so please feel free to contact me gaultjj@hotmail.com.

I would like to thank all our sponsors, Grahame for his commitment (2 years is a fair bit of time), Valentines pizza, The Telecentre, Leon Blackwell (who you might ask?) for this space to blog the LAN site, My Wife for putting up with me taking a Saturday every month away from our family, and everyone who supported KIA as a LAN event.

Hope to see ya all around town and online soon


11 Responses to “End of LAN”

  1. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    will there still be postongs on this site or will be thrown out after its i think 4 year expiry date?

    Why , Why , Why , Why , Why?

    Lil Muprh (The Ultimate Owner)

  2. Slick X Says:

    Ill still post some stuff on the website

    Well the LAN just takes up too much of my time now and with Nikki being at the mine during the week we need to spend weekends together….LAN come second to my family….sorry

    ill be on LC for a while

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah same ….. i got a lvl 20 drake … i just traded it for a lvl 10 pony

    From Lil Murph (The Ultimate Owner)

  4. Slick X Says:

    just gotta get ur drake to dragon and Grazzas to dragon and with my horse we will pwn all LOL

  5. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    Yeah …… only 3 high lvl people in our guild

  6. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    The rest of the guys don’t have the computers that can handle the game or just play WOW 😛

  7. Slick X Says:

    WoW = Snooze
    GW is ok
    but i actually like LC more than both

  8. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    i think i got the hang of buying low and selling high…… just the only problem is that i need the money

    i managed to get the money so im just gonna but HS and then sell them 🙂
    maybe even pets like lvl 5 and such

    The Ultimate Owner
    Lil Murph

  9. Raiden.Spartan Says:

    Id like to thank YOU John, LAN wouldnt have run without ur commitment to it.
    It was a great run and I totally understand the decision, even though im no longer in knx. No brainer really
    hope ur still up for a lan when i get back

  10. Lil Murph / Declan Murphy Says:

    I might try and set up a “last LAN” on the holidays …m if you guys would like to come
    Just not sure on how i do it :p

    If i can hopefully people can come

    From Lil Murph (Ultimate Owner)

  11. Slick X Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Sparty 🙂
    i had a great time running the LAN but as u are aware yourself times change and so do peoples lives
    i look forward to thrashing you up to a decent lvl in LC soon 🙂