New Game Shailya

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Close beta is on at the moment

But i have tried and loved the game, give it a go
Go the Dark Side

3 Responses to “New Game Shailya”

  1. __reapeR Says:

    I got the open beta invitation for the new game from LC’s creators.

    I still think its shit.

    Wow is shit also.

    Waiting for Warhammer online tbh.

    Use are all caek and shall be reaped.

  2. Slick X Says:

    I think you have a bit to much chaffe between your ears

  3. __reapeR Says:

    I think you’re a dud.


    LAN starting back up? cmon john. You can do it !

    Should make a 5 man css / cod4 team and come compete in Darwin.

    = ]