New Game Shailya

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Close beta is on at the moment

But i have tried and loved the game, give it a go
Go the Dark Side



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Well guys i hope your all having a great time.

Some of you have moved on to other parts of the country and into Uni or TAFE or even into a  *gasp* Job 🙂
I look forward to catching up with you all and hope that you visit http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/

as i seem to be stuck playing Last Chaos too much


End of LAN

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I am sorry to have to post this as i think we have had a really good run with LAN in Kununurra.

Due to family commitments and various other issues, i have decided to no longer continue KIA LAN
I know you guys out there might be a bit dissapointed that the LAN has finished up but after all the background work that no one else wanted to do i find that there is insufficent time to enjoy my lesuire time (what little i have).

Grahame and i will still be around and online fairly often so please feel free to contact me gaultjj@hotmail.com.

I would like to thank all our sponsors, Grahame for his commitment (2 years is a fair bit of time), Valentines pizza, The Telecentre, Leon Blackwell (who you might ask?) for this space to blog the LAN site, My Wife for putting up with me taking a Saturday every month away from our family, and everyone who supported KIA as a LAN event.

Hope to see ya all around town and online soon




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Its True….thank god it isnt a MMO


Next LAN

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5th of May

Thats this Saturday 8am


Advertise Last Chaos (and get free aeria points)

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Last Chaos is a free RPGMMO. If you like Wow you should head over and see what you can do on this

and did i mention it is free

And if you already play you can get free Aeria points by going here


Superman is a DICK!!

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You always suspected